Informal care-friendly approach during the transition from the home situation to a residential care center

Informal caregivers are without doubt worth their weight in gold in our society. The total volume of care provided by informal caregivers far exceeds that of all professionals together. In 2016, the Flemish government launched the Flemish Family Care Plan. One of the aims is to strengthen cooperation between informal care and professional care. In particular, a strong emphasis is placed on the triad patient - informal caregiver - formal care provider in which informal caregivers may be a full partner in care and support for their loved one, even if they are staying in a residential setting. (Vandeurzen, J., 2016) After the relocation of their dependent person to the residential care center, informal caregivers are very much looking for their new role in this changing situation.
From Flemish policy, the informal care and home care organizations as well as from the residential care centers, there is an increasing demand for more involvement of the informal caregiver during the relocation of their dependent person to the residential care center as well as during the further stay of the dependent person in the residential care center. This PWO therefore asks the central question: "how can the informal caregiver be optimally involved during and after the transition from the home situation to the residential care center?"
Based on this necessity, an “inspiration box” has been developed that can help care providers in the residential care center to meet the individual needs and requirements of the informal caregiver. In this way, the involvement of the informal caregiver in the residential care center and thus also the quality of life for the informal caregiver and his dependent person can improve. The inspiration box stems from a literature study, numerous interviews with informal caregivers, dependent persons, care providers from both residential and home settings and policy makers. In addition, co-creations took place between March and June 2019 with informal caregivers, care providers and people from the policy. The inspiration box full of tips and tricks for nice SOFA moments is built around the 17 items of the Samenspelscan. The Samenspelscan is a questionnaire, developed by the Expertise Center for Informal Care in the Netherlands (2009), which aims to map out and, where necessary, improve the cooperation between the informal caregiver and the professional care provider.
After completing the samenspelscan, you can then search in the inspiration box for inspiring examples, bundled per item from the Samenspelscan, to meet these underlying needs.
Many of the inspiring examples in the inspiration box are the result of scientific research into informal care. Other inspiring examples have sprung from the relentless quest of health workers and policy makers to improve the quality of care, for both the informal caregiver and the resident. Finally, this inspiration box also contains examples, tips and tricks for which the inspiration came from the interviews and co-creation sessions.
In this sense, this inspiration box is an evidence-informed document, based on scientific literature, combined with insights from practice. The PWO also wants to encourage residential care centers to reflect on the informal care story by coaching in the development of vision around informal care and the development of an inspiration culture by offering, in addition to the inspiration box, the opportunity to go through a process to come and implement informal care initiatives. For this purpose, a script was written that supports this process.

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