Atmosphere, experience and innovation take centre stage during Day of Science.

On 27 November, it was Science Day (Dag van de wetenschap) 2022. For the first time since 2019, the high day of engineering, science and innovation could go on live. UCLL University of Applied Sciences also opened its doors to the general public. 

The college once again highlighted a number of workshops, themes and projects. In the past, the students, lecturers and researchers already introduced the general public to appellation leather, energy innovation, astrology and the physics behind music, among others. During the two COVID editions, the operation switched to a digital platform with online workshops, do-boxes that were collected and lots of visual material that got a second life afterwards in living rooms and classrooms.

In 2022, Science Day will once again switch to live experience. UCLL brought accessible workshops, activities and lectures on energy, natural sciences and digitisation, among other subjects, to the general public.