From a universal human rights framework that prioritizes social justice, we conduct research into inclusion and diversity. We aim to contribute to equal social and civic participation for everyone. We advocate for an inclusive society where groups and individuals have an equal voice, where respect and reciprocity are central in interactions, and where everyone feels connected. We recognize and acknowledge social trends and dynamics to which our society is constantly subjected, and we strive to find new balances and common values, moving beyond polarization and social exclusion.

Our core values are: Equity, Participation, Collaboration and Impact.


The expertise center operates based on concrete needs, interprofessionally, participatively, and diversity-responsive. We engage in practice-oriented knowledge development, building on scientific models, literature, and current research methods. We translate this knowledge into tangible and applicable tools for schools, businesses, organizations, and policymakers through service provision and an up-to-date range of further education offerings.


Based on the four core values, we shape our substantive focus areas and prioritize service provision, research, and further education:

  • Inclusive Learning & Collaboration focuses on creating maximum learning and development opportunities for all students. We aim to support school teams and various partners within and around the school to achieve quality and inclusive education. We do this by, among other things, promoting interprofessional collaboration based on inclusive pedagogy. Contact for more information.
  • Participation & Accessibility focuses on accessibility to and participation in various societal domains such as housing, employment, leisure, and digitization. We do this by starting from the perspective of the individuals involved and by emphasizing the importance of human rights. We aim to overcome barriers and enable equal participation and involvement in society. Contact for more information.
  • Discrimination & Equity addresses issues and tensions in our society related to (anti)racism, (de)colonization, social (in)equality, gender, multilingualism, and social cohesion. We do this by providing perspectives beyond these tensions through dialogue and by paying attention to plurality and connection. Contact for more information.

Call for Collaboration

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for research? Are these themes linked to inclusion, discrimination, equity, inclusive learning and collaboration, or participation and accessibility? Do you and your colleagues encounter challenges and obstacles in practice for which you don't immediately have an answer or solution? Who knows, this may lead to groundbreaking or innovative research or at least a fruitful collaboration.

Let us know and leave your question or research idea here or email us at


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Elisabeth Cans
Hannah Boonen

Elisabeth Cans
Manager Expertise Center Inclusive Society

Hannah Boonen
Core Expert Inclusive Learning and Collaboration
Saskia De Bruyn
Reinhilde Pulinx

Saskia De Bruyn
Core Expert Participation and Accessibility


Reinhilde Pulinx
Core Expert Discrimination and Equity


















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