Centre of expertise Inclusive Society is a practice-oriented knowledge and training centre that empowers practice- oriented (scientific) expertise on inclusion, participation and diversity.

We do this by consolidating and expanding expertise, in cooperation with other partners. The assignments of centre of expertise Inclusive Society include the art of living together.

We focus on the full participation of all citizens by focusing on supporting citizenship practices, intercultural and empathic dialogue in a super-diverse society with multilingualism as the norm. 

In addition to these contributions to an inclusive society, this centre of expertise also strives to further deepen and develop inclusive education with special attention to powerful learning environments, the role of care at school and connecting authority.

In addition, we focus on sport as a lever for inclusion as a connecting language between public space and physical activity. We focus on adapted sports, an inclusive sports offer as well as collaborations around inclusive physical activity.

We also focus on social questions concerning the place of the internet in care and welfare, specifically around the themes: media education, online help and gaming.

The various content topics in this centre of expertise move on a continuum from special target groups to the universal design "for all" with always special attention to exclusion mechanisms. Characteristic of our expertise centre is the further development of participatory and empowering research methodology.  We do all this on the basis of (inter)national concrete needs, in co-creation with (vulnerable) citizens, schools, organisations and companies, on the basis of strengths and strengths that are always diverse and sensitive. 

For maximum cross-fertilisation between the centre and the relevant sectors, the expertise centre offers support in the form of vision development, research, material development, (re)education, coaching and consultancy.